Z-MAN SlingBladeZ Spinbait

Z-MAN SlingBladeZ Spinbait

Designed in conjunction with Bassmaster Classic and Forrest Wood Cup champion Luke Clausen StabilTrack™ head design features industry-first grooved underbelly that eliminates rolling, Low-vis 17-7 stainless LiveWire™ frame emits vibration similar to piano wire but is far more durable. Price Each an amazing rig, you really need to see this in action!

  • Attributes

    Prop 65

    • Armed with 5/0 O'Shaughnessy VMC® hook and wire trailer keeper
    • Copper wire hand-tied 100% silicone skirting for increased durability and perfect flare
    • Custom blades electroplated with jeweler quality finish
    • Fall Favorite
    • Spinnerbaits are often referred to as "the most versatile" lure because they can be fished in nearly any condition, year 'round.
    • They can be fished in winter, summer, fall, spring, hot water, cold water, muddy water and even clear water; from just under the surface to as deep as you want to fish it. It also is the type of lure that can be fished in, over, through and around many forms of cover.
    • The spinnerbait has a smooth, flowing action that mimics a swimming baitfish. The blades vibrate and flash, attracting the attention of bass. You can use spinnerbaits in most bass-fishing situations, but they are especially suited to fishing shallow cover.
    • Spinnerbaits work best as a "contact lure", one that is bumped against structure. They usually should be fished at a slow to medium retrieve. Use 14 pound test line or better on a baitcasting reel and medium action rod. 
    • Experiment with these different retrieves:

      Contact: Locate a shallow creek arm or flat with stumps, grass, brush or weed cover. (Polarized sunglasses will help you detect submerged cover. see our shop page for sunglasses) Cast well past your target and retrieve the spinnerbait slowly.  Knock the lure against the stump, brush or grass you're fishing. This changes the direction and action of the bait slightly and often triggers a strike.

      Wake: In murky, shallow water, cast past a logjam or other heavy cover and immediately raise the rod tip high and reel quickly. The spinnerbait will rise to the surface. Slow the retrieve slightly so that the blades do not break the water. The lure will throw a fish-attracting wake.

      Buzz: In murky, shallow water, reel quickly with the rod tip held high; let the blades of the bait break the surface, creating a splashing sound.

      Helicopter: When fishing steep banks, ledges or drop-offs, let the lure sink to the bottom on a tight line. The spinner blade will rotate as the bait drops. When it hits bottom, reel up the slack, raise the rod tip slightly and drop it again.

      Slow-Roll: When bass are hiding fairly deep along drop-offs or submerged cover, cast toward shallow water, point the rod tip down and retrieve very slowly, just fast enough for the blades to turn, so the bait will sink as it swims. 


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