Fish Hook Components

The size & type of a hook depends on a number of factors; its overall length, barb, shank, type of eye, and its gape.



Fishing Hook Sizes

Typically, the freshwater hook scale starts with the very smallest size 32, which is used for a tiny dry fly.  The next size 30, then 29, 28, 27, and so on, and then finally a size 1 - the largest freshwater hook.

At this point the scale for saltwater hook sizes takes over, starting with hook size 1/0 increasing in size through 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, and so on through to a massive 20/0 for the largest ocean shark. 

NOTE: Fishing hook sizes are not standard across all hook manufacturers. Mustad's 7/0 will be a different size to a Gamakatsu 7/0, however, there will be consistency within each manufacturer's range of hooks.

However, we've salt watered fished with Size 8 hooks and have caught some amazing Ocean Perch & Snappers. Rules always have exceptions! 

Double and treble fishing hook sizes follow the same system as for the individual single hooks that make them up. For example, a size 3/0 treble is three 3/0 single hooks brazed together.

This chart gives you an idea of the range of sizes.







What size hook to use

Considering the hook size to use is matching it to the size of the bait you intend to use, and the capacity of the fish's bite you hope will jump on it.


Remember you can catch big and small fish on a small hook, but you can only catch a big fish on a big hook. Therefore, sometimes it's better to use a small hook.


Types & styles of hooks

The array of types and styles of hooks is endless you have so many choices to choose from. Every choice you make is based upon many factors. Including what fish you're out to catch, where you're fishing, is the water clear or murky, weeds, trees, rocky bottom, or sandy bottom. So, you have weedless, jigs with eyes, glow in the dark jigs, EWG, circle, worm, built-in weights, and on and on... Many times it's trial and error but to everything, there is a science to choosing the rig and hook.

We will continue to add to this page and welcome any suggestions our customers may choose to add. Shared information is always welcomed.

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